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Get to know Executive Chef Jonah O’Neal

Grille 29

A few questions for Grille 29 Executive Chef Jonah O’Neal.

Best advise you were ever given:
Never doubt yourself and have faith

Your First Cooking Memory:
My dad giving me an opportunity to grill for the family

Favorite type of food to prepare:
Really don’t have a favorite meal to prepare yet

Favorite type of food to eat:
Easy! Mexican food

Favorite ingredient:

Person you would most like to cook for? and why?
Bobby Flay! Every chance I could get I used to turn to food network just watch him. He is so diverse and passionate about his work. Just amazing!

Kitchen Gadget you couldn’t work without:
A Chef knife

What inspired your love for cooking?
My grandma and parents

Favorite Food:
Street tacos and Grille 29 of course!